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In Today's ever-changing business climate, speed and flexibility are essential for success. Our professional-designed workplaces provide businesses of all ages and stages with access to the most prestigious building in central of Hanoi, Vietnam. Our premier workplaces are truly business-ready. Come on, sit-down and start your business at our fully-furnished offices and meeting rooms.
Without up-front capital expenditures and build infrastructure, with our Virtual Office you can save up to 90% compared to traditional office.
- Virtual Office service: Prestigious local business address, local phone number answered in you company's name, managed to your instructions.
- Office space service: Fully-furnished workplace comes with professional staff. On-demand IT and administrative support are available wherever and whenever you need.
- Meeting rooms : Well- equipped facilities to run productive meetings.


Why choose V-Office?

Prestigious address at central

Established in February 2007, V-Office provides emerging businesses and mobile Professionals with a prestigious local business address in Hanoi, Vietnam. It's located in key business destination and near major transportation hubs.

We own the room and always we recognize and appreciate the fact that virtual offices need to be fixed and constant. In our commitment to provide you with a secure experience, you get our undertaking that the office address will not be changed and remain static throughout the term

Lowest price with full services

We're a good-price, no frills provider with transparent pricing which you only pay for the basics.

We are confident that our prices are highly competitive. To give our customers the peace of mind, we lock the prices in upon confirmation of the customer’s purchase and no sudden increase of price will be initiated.


High standards and attention to details. Being honest to ourselves and delivering on promises. We are constantly planning and improving our features to ensure that our customers can run their business better.

More than just a place to ‘park’ your business operations, our aim is to grow together with our clients’ businesses by providing the adequate support. Our rationale is that if you are doing well, we will continue to do well too. Your success will be our success!

Great Customer Service

Friendly, human, relaxed and professional. Our aim is to treat each and every customers of V-Office as a personal friend and V-Office focused on paying out bonuses accordingly to customer satisfaction.

To date, V-Office is well-known for its brand leadership by its no-gimmicks packages with price transparency and warmly Customer care policy.

Even as we have gradually become the fastest growing provider, V-Office still retains that personal touch of a warm and friendly environment that hundreds of our customers know us by.

Customers always get our sincere and enthusiastic care, and that explains why we, not the others, are their best choice

In this page, you will know more about the features of innovative services that V-Office offers. We will also explain how office space and virtual office services really work.

Unlike any other ordinary virtual office provider, V-Office offers reliable and affordable virtual office solutions to emerging entrepreneurs and established businessmen.

While we strive to be professional in our service, we are hopelessly personal to our customers. We know our virtual office customers and understand their little quirks.

State-of-the-art technology support

We provide a virtual workplace in which licensed real estate sales persons can make full use of our state-of-the-art support and technology foundation for their business. Regarding the comfort of your home office, we supply the support that will allow you to advance your business. 

Vietnam Business center, Office solutions for Newbies!

Contact: 04-9334799; 04-2003863; Fax 04-9334609

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